• Day 341: Are You Too Chicken to Read This?

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    My friend Erik Sherman and I have a lot in common.  True, I didn’t go to MIT like him (teensy issue with my math SATs,) but I’ve got a spiritual slide rule in my pocket.

    Erik lives in my home state of Massachusetts and writes for a living from his home, like me.  More important, he has a flock of chickens (at left.)  I never tire of hearing news about them on his Facebook page.

    In fact, I was brooding about them what with the record, subzero temps back home and was relieved when Erik announced last week he was going to install a heat lamp in their coop.

    Well, you can imagine what happened next. We started imagining. And by “we” I mean all of us geeks (see MIT above) like Erik’s and my friend, the writer, Linda Lenzen Treiber, and others who like to have pun.

    For me, at least, having an eggstraordinarily sweet thread like this for distraction is the next best thing to having a big block of milk chocolate at my side while I work.

    Erik Sherman

    Chickens’ heat lamp is on and the red glow has issued forth. I expect the mirror ball to descend any minute. Instead of break dancing, they will probably do beak dancing. Or the Funky Chicken.

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    Sue Anderson Wagner Achy beaky heart

    Monday at 4:36am · Like ·  1 person

    Erik Sherman The Wattletusi

    Monday at 5:02am · Like ·  1 person

    Sue Anderson Wagner My Little Deuce Coop

    Monday at 5:40am · Like ·  1 person

    Erik Sherman Stairway to Henven

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    Dana Kennedy Haying Alive

    Monday at 12:36pm · Like ·  1 person

    Erik Sherman Last Train to Clucksville

    Monday at 12:51pm · Like ·  1 person

    Dana Kennedy It’s Only Flock and Roll (but I like it.)

    Monday at 1:02pm · Like

    Gene Retske It’s fun to stay at the K-F-C, eh?

    Monday at 1:08pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Band in the Run

    Monday at 1:39pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Jailhouse Cock

    Monday at 1:55pm · Like

    Gene Retske Tern, Tern, Tern

    Monday at 2:01pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Respecked

    Monday at 2:04pm · Like

    Gene Retske I Wanna Hold Your Hen

    Monday at 2:18pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Purple Lays

    Monday at 2:29pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Suite: Judy Blue Eggs

    Monday at 2:43pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy One Yolk Over the Line

    Monday at 3:22pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Bat out of Shell

    Monday at 3:50pm · Like

    Erik Sherman That’ll be the Hay (or Lay)

    Monday at 4:24pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy It’s Raining Hen

    Monday at 4:29pm · Like

    Gene Retske Lay, Lady, Lay

    Monday at 4:32pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy These Boots are Made for Squawkin’

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    Erik Sherman Papa’s Got a Brand New Egg

    Monday at 4:45pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Oops, I Did It Egg-Hen

    Monday at 4:49pm · Like ·  2 people

    Erik Sherman Nesterday

    Monday at 4:50pm · Unlike ·  1 person

    Erik Sherman Livin’ on a Layer

    Monday at 4:52pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Eggspress Yourself

    Monday at 4:55pm · Like

    Gene Retske Shell we dance?

    Monday at 4:56pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Highway to Shell

    Monday at 4:58pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Born in the U S Hay

    Monday at 5:04pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Pecker Face

    Monday at 5:05pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber I Want to Hold Your Hen

    Monday at 5:06pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Devil with a Blue Crest

    Monday at 5:07pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Henny-Penny Lane

    Monday at 5:07pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Smells Like Teen Poulet

    Monday at 5:09pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Little Wing

    Monday at 5:10pm · Like

    Erik Sherman My Boyfriend’s Buck

    Monday at 5:12pm · Like

    Gene Retske I Started a Yolk

    Monday at 5:15pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Layla

    Monday at 5:20pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Should I Lay or Should I Go?

    Monday at 5:21pm · Like

    Erik Sherman Sweet Home Alabumen

    Monday at 5:23pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber West Fried Story

    Monday at 5:27pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Bwock Like An Egyptian

    Monday at 5:35pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Bwock This Way

    Monday at 5:36pm · Like ·  1 person

    Dana Kennedy Beat It

    Monday at 5:49pm · Like

    Sue Anderson Wagner I’m A Scramblin’ Man – Waylon Hennings

    Monday at 7:10pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Cluck You – Cee Lo Green

    Monday at 7:12pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Hit the Road Crack

    Monday at 7:41pm · Like

    Sue Anderson Wagner Yolklahoma

    Monday at 7:46pm · Like ·  1 person

    Dana Kennedy You Cheep Me Holding On

    Monday at 7:50pm · Like ·  1 person

    Erik Sherman You’re the Crop

    Monday at 8:20pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy I Fought the Straw (and the Straw Won)

    Monday at 8:45pm · Like

    Dana Kennedy Don’t Go Breaking My Eggs.

    Monday at 10:03pm · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber It’s a Hard Bwock Life

    Yesterday at 12:14am · Like

    Dana Kennedy I Get a Chick out of You

    Yesterday at 12:19am · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber I Only Have Thighs For You

    Yesterday at 1:05am · Like

    Suzanne Kolowich Howell Born to be Fried

    Yesterday at 1:12am · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber She’s Got Legs

    Yesterday at 1:14am · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Pin Ball Gizzard

    Yesterday at 1:15am · Like

    Linda Lenzen Treiber Poulet Vous Coucher Avec Moi?

    Yesterday at 1:19am · Like

    Erik Sherman Wind Beneath My Wings

    Yesterday at 1:57am · Like

    Erik Sherman Stormy Feather

    Yesterday at 1:57am · Like

    Erik Sherman Wild Wing

    Yesterday at 1:58am · Like

    Erik Sherman I Love You a Bushel and a Peck

    Yesterday at 1:59am · Like

    Erik Sherman Buckgin the Beguine

    Yesterday at 2:01am · Like

    Erik Sherman Sunny Up Side of the Street

    Yesterday at 2:02am · Like

    Dana Kennedy Don’t Leave Me This Hay

    23 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Simply the Nest

    23 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Don’t Let the Heat Lamp Go Down on Me

    22 hours ago · Like

    Erik Sherman Do You Know the Way to San Poulet?

    22 hours ago · Like

    Erik Sherman Hennies from Heaven

    22 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Flock Around the Clock.

    20 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Paradise by the Dashboard Lamp

    20 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Hennie and the Jets

    20 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy All the Young Broods

    19 hours ago · Like

    Erik Sherman Broodin on a Sunday Afternoon

    18 hours ago · Like

    Erik Sherman Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Yolkadot Bikini

    18 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Cluckin’

    18 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Bohennian Rhapsody

    18 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy My Prereggative

    18 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Behind Blue Thighs

    18 hours ago · Like

    Sue Anderson Wagner Rock around the Cluck

    7 hours ago · Like

    Sue Anderson Wagner Yesterlay

    7 hours ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Love me Hender

    6 minutes ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Heartbeak Hotel

    6 minutes ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy Light My Wire

    6 minutes ago · Like

    Dana Kennedy While My Guitar Gently Cheeps

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