• Day 364: What If the World Did End in 2012?

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    What a fun day on T Minus 1 of a Year Without Candy!

    The late morning was the most interesting! My friend Katherine (see her blog here) and I hit two different coffee places in Vieux Nice, two very American-style coffee places. We sat outside at the second cafe, even though the weather turned cloudy and cold.

    I had a drop of caramel syrup on top of my cappuccino but candy still has to wait until March 1st.

    “What about 2012?” Katherine asked suddenly.

    She meant the people who cite the Mayans’ belief that the world would end in 2012.

    “If you knew the world was really going to end in a year, what would you do this year?” she asked.

    I had to think about it.  We both did.  Then Katherine spoke about a vision she had with a person who does past-life regressions.

    Katherine saw herself as a child, and as someone who had squandered her life.  Katherine said there was no emotion or charge around that realization, it was just a fact that came up about that particular lifetime – apparently one of many.

    “I don’t want to leave here without leaving something behind,” said Katherine.

    I agree.  Which made me look up some pictures from my 3rd birthday (above, I’m on the left, and one at the very bottom of this post.)

    If the child is the father (mother) of the (wo)man, what do you see when you go back in this life — that can inspire you to do something more before you leave this planet?

    As I write this, late at night in France, I’m also in a Skype  conference call with Libyans in Tripoli who are worried about what Gadhafi is going to do as the international noose tightens around his neck – and his desperation grows.  “There is going to be terrible bloodshed,” Naser is warning.

    They dream of the U.S. Sixth Fleet steaming up in a show of force and support for the Libyan people.

    The Libyans you speak to are like people who’ve been stuck in a nightmarish family with a mentally ill father for 42 years.

    They’ve just getting their voice after years of iron repression and brutality.

    They didn’t squander their lives.   It was squandered for them because they had so little freedom to be who they are.

    Charlie Sheen had every freedom.   What is he going to leave behind?

    I’ve heard from friends in Argentina,  Italy, Massachusetts, Texas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York today.

    My friend in South America was describing her travels into Patagonia: “It’s great, but it’s a long way to go for essentially Lake Tahoe but with sharper peaks.”

    Our favorite numerologist weighed in from LA as only he can:

    Go for it girl! Major contracts for you to share your wisdom are here.  Media and it’s electricity is embracing you. Dreams are guiding you. Talk to your money and love it. You are prosperity. The 33 is very emotional so watch out and channel all your fire. Walk, embrace the wisdom of the Ancients, the Avatars as Buddha, Jesus, Mary Magdalene, John Lennon and your favorite. Music will soothe and take you to other levels of consciousness. Laugh. Enjoy. LOVE..LOVE..LOVE..Lots of Love Julian the 3.

    When you think of who you were long ago…

    Is there something you still want to do so you’ll feel you’ve fully lived your life?

    Are there sharper peaks you want to climb?

    Give it some thought.

    Remember, don’t be careful.

    Happy Birthday!