• Day 98: Back to Basics.

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    I got up this morning and clicked on my friend Julian Michael’s June newsletter.  (That’s him on the left on ABC News.) You can find his newsletter by going to his site.

    Julian is a fantastic numerologist and writer and seer. We have tons of fun in New York but he also throws great parties in Los Angeles at fabulous estates above Hollywood and at the beach and always has a Kennedy cousin on line one.

    I love his June newsletter because it includes a meditation for tomorrow, June 6th. The meditation involves visualizing a golden door with your third eye and listening to the messages you hear once you have permission to open it.  Oh, yes.

    The messages I got were: go back to basics. I’ve been working a lot and traveling a lot for work. I haven’t been doing all the biking, hiking and kayaking that I usually do all the time all year long. I’ve only been swimming a few times this summer!  Usually I swim every day in the summer.

    I’ve given up sweets but can’t rest on my sugar-free laurels. Literally.  I lost a little weight when I gave up sweets on Feb. 28  - but then I gained some!  I thought no desserts meant the weight would fall off no matter what. Um, no!

    So my plan for June is to eat better, get back to the sports I love – and be happy I’m not treating myself with sugary stuff that is wicked and causes inflammation, among many other bad things.

    Here’s a back to basics video: