• Day 116: Thank You Berry Much, Angelina Fox

    Date: 2010.06.23 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    Sometimes I don’t believe myself that I’m going without candy.  Even harder to believe is the fact that it’s not always that difficult not to have it.   But maybe I’ve just hypnotized myself without knowing it and after these 365 days are up, my sugar cravings will power back ten-fold and I’ll be gobbling candy, cakes, ice cream and pie like there’s no tomorrow.

    Wait, did I just say pie? Like one of my favorites, blueberry pie?

    Anyway, yesterday I was working as the host of a webinar designed to be broadcast by a financial services company.  My colleagues-slash-friends Katherine and Shelley were with me; Shelley was up in London producing it and Katherine and I were in my home studio.

    Things were going fairly smoothly until we hit little bump.  I like to choose a nom de plume, as it were, when I act as host for business webinars.  So this time, I invented a name I felt had a certain frisson of excitement to it:  Angelina Fox.  Perfect.  Angelina Fox will be your host today.

    Katherine has a very practical streak and as were rehearsing the script, she wondered aloud if there were any real Angelina Foxes.    So we googled Angelina Fox.  Sure enough, there were a few.  The first Angelina Fox that came up on google was an… actress.  With one credit:  Buttman’s Anal Show 5 .

    With much reluctance, I changed Angelina’s last name.

    We began recording and did it in one, almost perfect 25-minute take that ended with me telling the audience that they could also download the webinar later on any smartphone.  I was pleased when we finished but noticed Katherine was looking at me a little strangely and I heard Shelley laughing in London.

    “That was great,” Shelley said. “Except when you were talking about the apps available on the iPhone and the Blackberry, you said Blueberry.”

    Betrayed by my unconscious.

    Who cares. Yum.  I want some blueberry pie RIGHT NOW.