• Day 231: Dukat Diet Sunday

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    It occurred to me while feeding the cat his wet food today – aren’t cats always on a form of the Dukan diet?  Yes there is the occasional dry food – but the wet food is all protein, like I’m eating.   And eating.  And eating.  Ad nauseam.

    Cats never eat sour cream and onion chips or have a chocolate fondue or some fries with both ketchup and French mayonnaise sauce.  I could offer him some buttered sourdough toast, which I’d kill for right about now.  I’d pay full price to fly to San Francisco tonight so I could have some sourdough toast with butter for brunch tomorrow at Stinson Beach.

    I am finishing up Day 6 of the Dukan diet.  I’m in the flow, but it’s not easy.

    So far I’ve persuaded one friend to join me. She’s one day behind me.  I told her I think it’s now or never.  I’m very aware that with these kinds of diets, if you stop them after a week or two, you risk gaining back what you lost and more — because sometimes you lose muscle and fat and then gain back only fat.

    The die is cast.  I’m in this for the long haul.  If I falter this week and can’t continue, I’ll doubt I’ll ever lose all the weight I put on.  As I told my friend, then you never go back and regain a bit of who you were.  Which may be OK – but not for me.

    It’s helped so much that I already gave up candy.

    Right now my favorite cream of tomato soup sounds like a half-pound Hershey bar. That’s how good it would taste.

    One day at a time.

    I’d write more but it’s time to eat some more cat food…