• Day 9: In Flight With Angela Lord and the Ruby-Encrusted Seagull

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    Angela Lord knows how to manifest. I won’t give any of her personal secrets away but I can tell you that one day she was in a certain situation – and it ended. And she told the universe how she felt and what she wanted next – and she got it the very next day. And what she got was very powerful and life-changing.

    Angela is a Master Hypnotherapist, an NLP Master Practitioner, a TIME Techniques Master Practitioner, an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner and Master Success Coach. Whatever. Check out her site here. She’s also a close friend of a close friend of mine and she offered me a free hypnosis session to help me end my candy addiction.

    It’s always weird to get on the couch – even when it’s just over the phone – with someone you don’t really know and whom you’ve never met. Weird, embarrassing – and also full of stuff that makes me feel rebellious while also trying people-please at the same time. (See also: candy addict personal traits.)

    I resisted Angela. Not that she wasn’t utterly charming. “Great,” she kept cooing in this lovely voice after every question she asked me. Angela is not fazed by my candy addiction. She doesn’t think it’s that hard to overcome.

    Angela is not a believer in the 12-step tradition in which you have to accept powerlessness over your addiction and spend the rest of your life in meetings.

    “I’m a one-step girl,” she says.

    In fact, Angela talked a lot about the work of Allen Carr, who has written a hugely popular book about the Allen Carr “easy way” to stop smoking and other addictions.

    She suggested that I could become free of my sugar cravings overnight under hypnosis. She may be right. But what I told her was that I think it’s more complicated than that. I think my candy addiction has a lot more to do with things not involving candy addiction, if that makes any sense. I know I have a loyalty to my candy addiction which makes me wonder if one hypnosis session can really cure it.

    No matter. Angela and I talk a bit more and then she tells me about how she’s going to put me under. This is when I start worrying – not for me but for her. See, my concern now is that I have to make sure this works for me – so she will be happy. (See also: codependent candy addict traits.)

    Also, this worrying about other people and pleasing other people can ignite a real rage in me. Which is probably why I eat so much candy.

    Anyhoo, back to the hypnosis session and the calming, dulcet tones of Angela who doesn’t sound as if she ever erupted in an inappropriate rage at anybody.

    She started asking me a lot of questions as I slowly went under, even though as I was going under I was wondering if I was really going under or just imagining I was to please Angela.

    She began asking me what my life would be like without a candy and sweets addiction. She wanted me to project a year into the future and tell her what I saw as I looked down at my body, what I was wearing, who was watching me, what I smelled — and who else was around.

    I squirmed and inwardly rebelled, even as I was going under for real. It feels so much like submission, this hypnosis stuff. Ugh. I like to be in control. (See also: candy addict defects of character.)

    I forced myself to answer the questions, even though I felt fake and forced and stiff. She kept cooing in this soothing, all-knowing cool girl voice.

    I did start seeing myself in my skinny jeans -which I have not worn since 2004. I did see a 4-year-old child near me in the picture. I did keep seeing myself at the beach in Santa Monica, which is 9000 miles from where I am now. And I did – sorta smell some vanilla in the air.

    After about 15 minutes, I guess I really was under, despite my hyper self-awareness. My eyes were closed. I felt totally relaxed.

    Because I became aware of just one thing: Angela’s voice. There didn’t seem to be anything else there.

    Until the next moment.

    In the universe-sky inside my closed eyes, I saw something distinctly fly by:

    It was a soaring seagull with a vivid, red ruby-encrusted coat.

    Not 10 seconds later I heard the wail of a real seagull, the ones that fly up from the Bay of Angels here in Nice and alight upon my terrace.

    I told Angela. She wasn’t surprised. She told me about other people, places and things that her clients have manifested while under her ether — and later come true in real life.

    “How do you feel?” Angela asked as she brought me out of my seagull-adorned trance.

    “I feel good,” I said. “I feel lighter. As if I can already feel myself without this extra weight.”

    And I wasn’t saying that just to please her.

    I don’t know if I’ve been cured of my candy addiction overnight – but I do feel as if it’s never going to be quite the same.