• Day 14: Sugar = Criminal Behavior and Violence!

    Date: 2010.03.13 | Category: Scary Motivation! | Tags:

    Amazing – two weeks off sugar! I’ve been very busy with work recently which helps keep my mind off sugar cravings. In fact the only sweet thing I’ve had in the past 14 days has been raspberry jam.

    Yes, the feeling that my diet is boring is still there. Tonight I had Thai food just to give my taste buds a treat. Expect a longer post tomorrow – possibly more whining – when I get off deadline

    In the meantime, more scary motivation! Well, it works for me. “Nutrition and Behavior” is a more-entertaining-than-it-sounds filmed lecture by Dr. Russell Blaylock in which he talks about how sugar can cause one to be criminally violent.

    I’m still looking for the scholarly lecture on how lack of sugar makes you criminally violent. Now, where’s that Uzi of mine…

    See the whole film here or check out the preview below first: