• DAY 1: Yes, I love candy corn. Bite it not me, snobs!

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    Hello sweetfreaks,

    You’re wondering about that gorgeous image of candy corn fronting this brand-new blog?

    What, just because I’m a super-sophisticated American* living in the south of France you were expecting pictures of tiramisu, pain au chocolat, creme caramel, crepes Nutella, moelleux au chocolat (OMG my favorite with the melted chocolate tunnel hole,) milles feuilles, apple tatin, strawberry and mascarpone trifle, coconut flan etc.?

    Yes, I love the above stuff. But I also love the down-market American rotgut just as much, maybe even more. Sorry, despite the scorn heaped on me for years by my friends frenemies, I like cheap American candy.   But candy corn?  Yes, it’s a proud tradition in the motherland, dating back to the 1880s, according to candy corn historians.

    Of course candy corn haters abound. Just read this entry
    Let’s just say they quote Oscar Wilde saying, “If I had a choice between eating candy corn or an elephants anus, I would choose the candy corn. But still, you get my point.”

    Candy corn isn’t necessarily my favorite candy but it’s right up there and as this year progresses, it’ll no doubt surface in my candy cravings and candy dreams.

    Today is the first day of My Year Without Candy.  It was my birthday yesterday and I decided to give up make the choice to abstain from my addiction of choice – candy, ice cream, cakes and all manner of sweet treats – for at least a year.

    Bear in mind, I’ve planned special last days to mark me going cold turkey making the sensible choice to abstain from this damaging vice maybe a million times.

    My Catholic cousin Kathleen wanted us to go off bad stuff for Lent this year and I agreed even though I was not raised Catholic.  Rebellious mother, long story. (Though I was baptized, confusing much?, and I just recently found out from an understandably bitter Irish Catholic that I recently interviewed that you are considered forever Catholic if you are baptized. WTF?  If you want to “defect,” you have to do this.)

    Anyway I told Kathleen sure, I’ll give up sweets for Lent.  I lasted two days but did not tell her until now.  Sorry, Kathleen.

    Right now I’m about six hours into my Year Without Candy.  Wish me luck.  I’m on the honor system here and yes I am an honorable person.  I fall off the wagon, this blog disappears from view forever.

    Wish me luck, b’s.