• Day 24: Do I Eat Sugar-less Candy? No!

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    Here’s why: (see entire page at Livestrong here)

    Side Effects of Sugar-less Candy

    Bloating and Diarrhea
    Sugar alcohols such as xylitol, lactitol,isomalt and maltitol serve as a bulking agent in many sugar-free sweets. They can cause bloating and diarrhea for some, particularly when consumed in large quantities. Most individuals fare well when consuming modest amounts of candy that contain the product, according to Yale-New Haven Hospital. The nutrition label can serve as a reference in determining an appropriate singular serving size.

    Spiked Blood Sugar
    Some people who suffer from diabetes experience a spike in blood sugar when sugar alcohols are eaten in excess. It is believed that this occurs because the ingredient is similar to sugar in some ways, particularly in its sweet flavor. For this reason, people with diabetes should take note of how the ingredient affects them personally and practice moderate consumption overall, says the American Diabetes Association.

    Laxative Effect
    Some individuals experience a laxative or related gastrous effects from sugar alcohol consumption. Small children tend to be particularly sensitive to this side effect, so it may be wise to limit their intake. This adverse effect can range from increased or loosened bowel movements to gas and uncomfortable stomach cramping and is generally associated with excessive intake, says the ADA.

    Drug Interaction
    Many sugar-free candies contain phenylalanine, an essential amino acid. Though it is safe for most people to consume, those who are taking anti-psychotic medication for conditions such as schizophrenia are not encouraged to consume this ingredient. If you are taking any medication, the University of Maryland Medical Center recommends getting a doctor’s guidance regarding intake of phenylalanine.”>here

    Many people depend on sugarless candies for sweets without the adverse caloric or blood sugar consequences sugar-laden candies may pose. Many of these sugar-free sweets contain ingredients that carry potentially burdensome side effects. Though the candies are generally safe when consumed in moderation, an understanding of the potential risks can help you make wise decisions as to whether to consume them and, if you do, when to call call it quits.

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