• Day 42: Are YOU a Sugar Addict? Find Out Here!

    Date: 2010.04.10 | Category: Scary Motivation! | Tags:

    iVillage ┬áhas a great little quiz you can take in case you’re wondering if you’re a hopeless sweetfreak like myself.

    Here’s an excerpt from the quiz which starts like this:

    Are you a sugar addict? Have you ever wondered why you love sweet foods so much? Does chocolate run your life more than you want to admit? Do you joke about being a “sweet freak?” Does it ever scare you to feel so compulsive about wanting sugar?

    Find out if sugar is your drug — and whether or not it’s time to kick the habit — by completing the following quiz:

    1. Have you ever said, “Starting Monday, no chocolate!”

      • True

      • False
    1. Have you ever realized that you used to get one Butterfinger candy bar, but now you buy three at a time?

      • True

      • False

      The quiz has 16 questions altogether:
      Take the whole test here!

      And if you’re wondering how I did on the quiz…
      I passed with flying colors!