• Day 44: Another Relapse… In My Dreams

    Date: 2010.04.12 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    There’s nothing worse than describing one’s dream I know. So before your eyeballs glaze over like doughnuts, let me assure you’ll I’ll be quick.

    Bref, as the French say, my dream of relapsing and having sweets – a faux-lapse – involved ice cream and the actor Josh Holloway from “Lost” who plays Sawyer.

    Holloway is hot and has a great body but with his weird, Abominable Snowman swagger and Acting 101 repertoire of fierce and angry looks – he never quite closes the deal for me.

    Last night in my dream he had a son and wasn’t overacting.  Much more than that I cannot say, this is a family blog.  (Translation: I can’t remember.)

    There was also a tray of ice-cream cupcakes that was on a conveyor belt and almost slipped off it.  I caught the tray in time -and started licking the ice cream which, dream-style, had turned into regular ice cream cones.

    never dream about regular food, even the stuff I love (Mexican! Thai!) nor do I dream about alcohol.  Then again I don’t really like the taste of alcohol, even wine.

    This is my second dream faux-lapse . Each time I am horrified and immediately think I’ll have to come clean on the blog.

    Because of this blog, I can’t even enjoy it.  And I like ice cream.

    Poor me.