• Day 47: I’m Making Andi Want Sweets!

    Date: 2010.04.15 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    My friend Andrea Ipaktchi knows from temptation as she’s lived in Paris for more than 20 years where there is every great foodstuff and sweetstuff on the planet.

    She’s normally not a sweethead but told me yesterday that because of this blog, she’s thinking about candy even more and sometimes having some. Oops.

    Andi is also my favorite illustrator – or illustratrice as she calls herself professionally.

    Her “sketchblog” is called April in Paris. Her designs are pretty, whimsical, funny and wise – just like her.

    Andi is the classic American in Paris. She’s not one to get too impressed and/or intimidated by the French – which is where we bond.

    One of her specialties is family portraits – to hang or even just for a Christmas card. You don’t even have to go to Paris. She can draw off a photograph.

    But I like her drawings of French pastries best. Click below to enlarge and enjoy!