• Day 48: Break Free of Sugar in 6 Weeks!

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    Want to get off candy and sweets like me but don’t have the motivation to start?

    Connie Bennett, author of Sugar Shock and the Oprah of the quit-sugar world, is offering a new six-week teleseminar/webinar called “Break Free of Your Sugar Addiction in Six Weeks.” Click here for all the details.  The course begins April 20.

    Spring-clean your body and start fresh for summer 2010!

    Connie knows what she’s talking about.  She celebrated 12 years off sugar yesterday.

    Below is from Connie’s description of the course:

    • Are you fed up with feeling imprisoned by your out-of-control habit of eating candies, cookies, crackers and other quickie carbs?
    • Do you feel discouraged, overwhelmed and frustrated because — no matter how many different diets or programs you’ve tried — you still haven’t overcome your sugar addiction and you keep packing on pounds instead of peel them off?
    • And are you scared that bad health — such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease or Alzheimer’s Disease are out to get you and send you to your grave early because you eat so poorly?
    • Are you agonized and at wit’s end because every single time you commit to quitting your sugar and carb habit — always with the best of intentions — you inevitably fail and end up packing away piles of potato chips, pasta and pretty desserts?
    • Do you behave like this other sad, tragic, tormented person when you’re “high” on sugar or thinking of getting your next sugar “fix”?
    • And does being trapped in a sugar habit hold you back from living your best life?

    If you answer yes to any of the above questions, I can help you break free of your sugar addiction in a life-changing, 6-week teleseminar/webinar series that you’ll easily access by phone or the Internet.

    If you’re frustrated, fed up and impatient with your sugar addiction and are ready now to lose weight, get more energy, be happier and feel free, then let me help you as I celebrate 12 years sugar-free this month.