• Day 56: Alert the Teabaggers! Obama Loves Pie!

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    Paging Sarah Palin!  Is this another sign that we’re headed down the road of radical socialism? Better reload.  Obama, it turns out, loves pie and since there’s a rockin’ pastry chef at La Maison Blanche and he’s got to make sure he doesn’t eat too many.

    Maybe he needs a blog called, A Year Without Pie?

    Here’s the Associated Press story running in all the outlets about PLPOTUS (Pie Loving President of the United States.)

    BURBANK, Calif. — Presidents have had their indulgences – Ronald Reagan loved jellybeans and Bill Clinton binged at McDonald’s. What’s President Barack Obama’s weak spot?


    Obama’s senior adviser, David Axelrod, told Jay Leno Friday that the president was forced to “separate” from the White House pastry chef to break his bad eating habits.

    “One of the things that happened when he came to the White House is they have a very great pastry chef. It became a big problem,” Axelrod confided on “The Tonight Show.”

    The president, he said, “has a weakness for pie.”

    The chunky-built Axelrod might just be needling his boss – Obama lectures him about diet, exercise and his “beer gut.”

    The pie problem didn’t come up earlier this year when the 48-year-old president was declared in excellent health by his doctors. An avid basketball player and golfer, it was said he eats modest portions.

    Axelrod had a different story: He says the president loves cheeseburgers and pie, hardly health food.

    The news wouldn’t be welcomed by first lady Michelle Obama, who’s on a campaign against childhood obesity.