• Day 57: Temptation Inside B Class Departure Lounge

    Date: 2010.04.25 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    There’s a troublemaker back at HQ who knows my weak spots. He clearly wired ahead and made enemy operatives fill up the business class lounge in Munich with miniature After Eights.

    The miniature After Eights weren’t enough.  He had to place this container below right next to them which contained some Haribo, a German chewy candy that is among my favorites.

    Now this is war.

    Fortunately, I was distracted by a woman in black chador, her eyes barely visible through slits who poked me in the arm while I was reviewing the packaging on the After Eights.

    “Tea?” she bellowed.

    I am always fascinated with women in chadors, especially if they’re Saudis since I’m obsessed with Saudi Arabia and am even now reading Robert Lacey’s Inside the Kingdom.

    I pointed her to the tea area and she yelled “black!”  She probably can’t read the European alphabet because if she’s Saudi, their education for girls sucks.

    She went back to her table with another woman-in-black and the two of them started trying to sip their tea through a fold near their chin.

    FYI, I enjoyed the apples, peanuts and wasabi mix!

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