• Day 66: Back from the Temptations of the Exotic East

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    This morning, back in France, I made myself get on the scale.  Usually I only use my scale when I think I’m losing weight, the better to motivate myself. If I’ve eaten a lot and gained weight, I avoid the scale which allows me to not face reality.

    However, I’m now more into confronting reality whenever possible – and then taking action. Painful at first, then the action part helps relieve whatever bad news I had to face.  This morning, I expected the worst.  And it was not because I succumbed to the incredible temptations in Singapore.

    I wasn’t blogging much while I was there because I needed to conserve all my energy to resist the incredible number of American-style desserts that are EVERYWHERE there.

    Anyway, I lost half a pound during a week of zero exercise and constant eating in Singapore.  WTF?  At home I don’t eat a lot and am an avid hiker, biker, kayaker etc. and there are still weeks when I inexplicably gain weight or can’t lose it.  Is there something in the water in Singapore?

    As some readers know, I ate a banana tempura one night (banana fried in batter with no sugar) in Singapore but was persuaded to dip a millimeter of the banana in a green sweet sauce.  One reader called that a slip so massive that I should restart my entire Year Without Candy.  I don’t think so.

    Other than that, I had nothing sweet. It was especially difficult because everyone you meet in Singapore eats heartily of the fantastic local fare.  Then they load up on dessert – and don’t seem to gain a pound!  Again, the water??

    I had lunch with two local friends at PS Cafe one day.  Afterward we walked over to this long bar where huge cakes and pies were displayed and they both ordered some.  The desserts were served as huge hunks on their plates. Both these people are Singoporean and sylph-like.

    Below are some photos of the PS Cafe desserts:

    It was bad enough that so many local restaurants serve mouthwatering and super-size versions of the kind of desserts you find at one of my favorite places: an American bake sale.

    Add that to all the American coffee bar and dessert chains – Mrs. Fields Cookies, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Starbucks (with its blowout pastries) and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf etc. and then TRIPLE that with all sorts of innovative little Singaporean dessert places pictured below.  My new goal:  return to Singapore when/if I go back on desserts!