• Day 72: My Friend Can’t Read My Blog Because of the Pictures!

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    Oops!   A major flaw has been discovered in My Year Without Candy.  My friend M. (haven’t asked her yet if I can ID her) told me today she can’t look at my blog because there are so many pictures of candy and desserts!   M. has been off almost ALL sugar for more than a year and a half or maybe even two years.

    But because sugar is a major trigger for her, the pictures I post (repeatedly, I’m afraid) of the foodstuff that for the sake of this one post dare not speak its name are too dangerous to look at. So one less reader!

    I’ve placed the above apple in this post in honor of M.  Maybe she’ll at least be able to read this post…

    It’s true, my fabulous friend Andi, the reknowned Parisian illustratrice, who I already wrote about here, told me that she’s not even a sweetfreak but my blog sometimes made her go out and buy some c—y.

    So – my ambivalence is laid bare.  I sort of hoped originally that I’d become an anti-sugar crusader, a Piped Piper of renouncing c—y and d—ert.   But my mixed emotions have obviously resulted in a mixed message blog.  Is c—y like a bad boyfriend I can’t give up?

    Am I like porn star Jenna Jameson returning to Tito Ortiz after he allegedly beat her ass (yes I read TMZ when I should be reading Proust) and saying they’re going to work it out?

    But what can you do?  It’s how I feel.  For me, talking about sweet things and posting images of them seem to be the next best thing to eating them.

    So maybe that makes me a pretender and I won’t stay the course the way M. has.  She also lost 40 pounds by the way and looks fantastic.

    M. is going to be the subject of an upcoming interview here about how one day she was in the throes of a sugar and eating addiction and the next day went home and threw every bad thing out of her house and just white-knuckled it into abstinence.

    My shero!