• Day 79: Temptations Lurk Around Every Cannes Corner

    Date: 2010.05.17 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    Bonjour de Cannes!

    I’m only 11 days away from three months without sweets.  A bit strange to me that friends and readers of the blog wonder if I am actually not eating sweets, as if maybe  it’s just a blogging concept.  Like I’m chowing down on French macarons (yes they are spelled like that) while typing posts about how much I miss desserts? Um, no.

    I went to rent a car the other day from Nice’s best car rental agency, Elite,  and my friend Stephane who runs it, saw me eating from a bag while he was writing up my reservation.  ”I thought you were not eating candy?” he said. (When you’re on Facebook, spies are everywhere.)

    I showed Stephane that there were only almonds and raisins in the bag.  Raisins actually seems like cheating but only for some crazy-ass purist who doesn’t want a drop of natural sugar or processed sugar in her body.  I’m still just avoiding candy and all desserts.  That’s hard enough, bitches.

    So the point is – I am doing what I set out to do on Feb. 28, 2010.  Sometimes it seems almost easy, meaning I don’t crave sweets a lot or feel too deprived.  But just when I start to smug up and think I have this beating-candy thing down — I turn a corner, as I did yesterday in Cannes, and first see two girls eating ice cream cones.  Then I walk by the above boulangerie and see the macarons.

    I get hit hard and immediately feel – I want some of that and I want it now and how can I continue not to have the stuff I want?

    But the secret for me seems to be… about five minutes after I turn away from looking at the macarons and the girls with the ice cream cones are long gone, I forget about my jonesing and it passes.

    Sounds too easy, true.  And I don’t know about you, but the minute I get complacent and think I have everything under control, boom comes the big sledgehammer in the sky to take me down a peg.

    But… it keeps me on my hooves.