• Day 81: Weakening

    Date: 2010.05.19 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    A bit tired with low blood sugar – was thinking how much I wanted a Snickers tonight and then got to my hotel room and there was a packet on the pillow with four little squares of chocolate.

    I need the chocolate; I need the energy.  I was thinking what if I just had one of the four: the milk chocolate one.  Nobody would know or else I could be honest and say I ate just one.  Minor relapses are supposed to be actually quite effective.

    I probably won’t eat it.    Of course it’s no big deal but the person I am afraid of is me.  If all of a sudden I say, OK, I’ll just have this one, I know me.  Tomorrow I’ll say, it’s OK, I’ll just have one scoop of the white chocolate gelato on the Croisette.

    And by Friday I’ll be chowing down on Snickers and Mars bars.

    It’s just a little bit of chocolate would help so much now

    Damn these chocolates on hotel pillows.

    Why not just put lines of cocaine on the bathroom vanity?

    Je suis faible et fatiguée,