• Day 4: I Hate Everyone

    Date: 2010.03.03 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    Wait, is that too harsh?

    OK, I hate only certain people – everyone I ran into today on a rainy, windy miserable day in the south of France (yes we have those kinds of days here.) I had to deal some bureaucrats and doctors and it was an exercise in frustration – trying to solve problems and being blamed for said problems.

    Was it someone, um, French who said, “Hell is other people?” Merci bien, Jean-Paul Sartre.

    Victim much? Today, yes! And I felt sorry for myself which I almost never, ever do. It was the kind of day that started off on a bad foot (literally, see above doctor reference) and just got worse.

    Coincidentally, today was also my fourth day of going without eating candy, cookies, ice cream, cake or… anything fun.

    In other news, I’ve been ironing my hair shirt and it looks very chic on me as I lie on my bed of nails and read literature from Opus Dei. I like to get a good night’s sleep after spooning down my thin gruel, chewing on a crust of dark stale bread and downing my thimbleful of wheatgrass juice.

    I mean, what else is there to when you can’t have what you want?

    And what do I want? So glad you asked.

    And what do I want some of the above spooned onto?

    Guess what I am having instead? At this very moment I am drinking a large glass of water containing a fizzy orange tablet of magnesium. What, no castor oil chaser? Cod liver oil a la mode?

    Good times!

    Anyway, the magnesium is to help the sugar cravings which I have every day.

    As you can see, the honeymoon is officially over with a mere 361 days to go in my Year Without Candy. I so felt that void today. Trying to kick sugar is worse when you’re running around and the weather is crap and people are annoying.

    I wanted to go to the tabacs, newsstands, kiosks that are everywhere and just pop a Mars bar to take the edge off. I almost felt the void today where candy would usually be more than the craving for candy itself.

    I don’t like the void.

    But I haven’t had any candy or sweets yet. Yet.

    Damn, I really am taking on water.