• Day 4: Help On the Way with former Sugar Shrew Connie Bennett!

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    Who do you call in the middle of the night – OK, it’s not quite 11 p.m. here in France but I’d argue it’s always dark without sweets – when you’re thinking of slipping? Maybe sneaking out to buy a small bar of Milka chocolate? Like, who would really know, right? Just a small bar. One euro. What harm could it do?

    You call the Queen of the Sugar-Free of course. Connie Bennett!

    Connie, who sometimes calls herself “Sugar Shrew No More” presides over an empire helping people kick sugar.

    Her HQ is her Sugar Shock website and she has a book, a blog – and about 900 other cunning and insidious ways to help you kick the habit.

    Tomorrow – Day 5 – Connie is going to coach me by telephone from Chicago as I bitch and whine my way through my first candy-free week.

    I’ll be interviewing her as well. My planned opening salvo?

    “Connie, I’m not even sure I really do want to quit. A year – or a lifetime – without sweets? Who I am kidding? Who are you kidding?”

    I’ll be posting the coaching session and interview online tomorrow.

    P.S. I did not go buy that Milka chocolate bar. Yet