• Day 1: Yesterday was My Last Day Eating Sweets (Allegedly)

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    Yesterday was my birthday.  I had a lovely day.  It was a special day, too.

    Why? Well, yesterday was another in a long-ish series of one special last day before I give up sweets days. See also:  New Year’s Eve. Everytime I do this, I’ve got to make sure I eat plenty of my favorite candies for old times sake – just this one last time.

    I don’t always eat that many sweets every day either.  Sometimes just one candy bar or one (okay, two) scoops of ice cream will do. Not a binger – I just want some sweetmeat every single day of my life. I’m consistent.

    So for my latest last candy supper, I bought 15 milk chocolate palets (small, thin discs of pure milk chocolate) and 15 caramel palets at the chocolate shop behind the famous Hotel Negresco yesterday. (I live in the south of France, remember.) I also got a frozen Mars ice cream bar and a frozen Bounty ice cream bar at the Epicerie Centrale right below my apartment.

    The guys at the Epicerie Centrale mock me when I buy my beloved nutrition-free 50 centime bags of Haribo Polka candies and ask me if the packages are for “les enfants.” (No, you height-challenged, broad shoulder-free jerks.) And yes I bought two bags yesterday.

    I also ate two Carambars, an American-type French caramel that I adore:

    The way it works with me is that I’m my own “enfant.” Which means that when I let myself have whatever I want, sometimes I don’t even want it – and vice versa.

    Yesterday, since it was birthday and also my last day before giving up sweets, my rule (as it always is) is that I could eat whatever I wanted.  Yet this Piglet didn’t even want her second ice cream bar. But she ate it before midnight so she wouldn’t get up and eat it first thing Feb. 28, 2010 and abort this blog before it was even born.

    Thanks for reading and… keep coming back.  I need your support.

    I must at least keep my snout above water.