• Day 1: Join Me. Go Candy-Free, Chocolate-Free, Ice Cream and Cake-Free for a Year!

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    We’ll suffer rejoice together in sugar-free hell heaven while white-knuckling it taking it one day at a time! Join whenever you want and keep track of your own 365 days by just adjusting them to the day count of the blog.

    Last-century’s steroid-free superstud Jack LaLanne (still kicking butt at age 95) calls us “sugarholics.” Worse, he says we’re “soft and weak.”

    (BTW, is there anyone hotter than Jack in his jumpsuit? “Students!”)

    Check out the below video of Jack exhorting us to get off sugar but don’t miss this fantastic interview with LaLanne in Outside magazine.  I love him because he admits he’s just as bad as any of us – he just has ferocious discipline. Here’s how Jack responded to the interviewer asking him if he ever, God forbid, snacked before bedtime.

    “Never!” he snarled. “You don’t get it. I am one runaway son of a bitch! I am an animal! I want to eat everything! I want to get drunk every single night! I want to screw every woman there is! We are all wild animals. But we must learn to use our minds. We must learn to control the bestial and sensual sides of ourselves!”