• Day 2: Wanting… Chocolate

    Date: 2010.03.01 | Category: Scary Motivation! | Tags:

    I’d give today a B+ in terms of sugar cravings – partly because I was so busy.

    I had to give a talk to university students at the SKEMA business school in Sophia Antipolis north of Nice.

    Then I got back and wrote a Huffington Post article about giving up candy and this blog. Then I was plunged into a crazy story about Italy’s wacky Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the showgirls he’s nominated to represent his party in regional elections.

    But at 4 p.m. I felt that familiar pull – toward sugar.

    I wanted to get up and go down the street to my favorite confiserie L’Art Gourmand, located at 21, rue du Marché and buy one of their four euro tablets of pure milk chocolate manufactured on the premises.

    But I didn’t. At least not for today.

    That’s the beauty of this blog. It’s so selfish. It’s not for you.

    It’s for me. You’re my conscience. Whether you’re reading this or not.

    When the sugar cravings come, I think of you.

    And how this Piglet has to keep swimming.

    Until next time,