• Day 30: “Cake” Responds to Meg!

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    After Megan Bozman wrote her “Letter to Cake,” her husband, Kevin Bozman, read it. Coincidentally, not long after that Meg received this response from “Cake” itself…

    Dear Meg,
    I appreciate your honesty and admire your sincerity. Let me just start off by letting you know that I do cherish our relationship. Throughout the years we have had countless wonderful experiences together. The feeling of having you fight over me makes me smile. I love how I cause you such anger and turmoil. I am so simple. Just a few ingredients are all I am. I am but made of flour, sugar, eggs, salt, and butter. I mean you no harm at all. It is not my fault that you’re bickering over me. All I want is attention from you. I want you to drool over me. I want you to be thinking about me while you drive in your car. I want my cousins (cookie crumbs in your car) to remind you of me also. Please don’t throw away all we have had together. Our relationship is NOT one way. I give you a quick fix and I receive enjoyment through attention. Attention is what I crave from you.
    I have been missing you these last 2 weeks or so. I am lonely without you. Please come back to me so we can be bad together. Sure you will be mad and upset a few minutes after we reunite but it will be so good. Come eat me!