• Day 40: Today was Hard

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    So I’m on a business retreat for a project I’m working on…. we’re staying at the CEO’s villa in the Var, a region in the south of France just east of Nice.

    (Brangelina has a home nearby in the Var, outside the town of Correns.)

    The home is in this beautiful isolated countryside. And do you know that everyone in the U.S. thinks living in the south of France is such a dream that I have no right to ever complain?

    Screw that.  We worked as a team for a couple hours.  Then one of the principals broke out the snacks.  Which included chocolate chip cookies.

    I ask you:  Is there a more perfect food on this earth than chocolate chip cookies?

    She brought along rice cakes and almond butter for me, mindful of the world-famous blog, A Year Without Candy.

    But when I saw the package the chocolate chip cookies were housed in, I felt wistful and wanting.

    Fuck this self-denial. I hate it.

    I don’t want rice cakes and almond butter.

    I want chocolate chip cookies.

    I only have this one life – as far as I know.

    Why should I suffer?  I haven’t lost enormous amounts of weight in these 40 days. I’m not a “brand-new person.”

    Today was hard.

    It got harder.

    We broke for lunch and went to this bad Thai restaurant in the town of Caillan.

    It was Thai food served cafeteria style.

    They heated it up in a microwave.

    It so sucked.

    Plus my friends/colleagues had all these American-style desserts like tiramisu and chocolate doughnuts.

    I was still hungry after I ate my suck-ass, half-baked (literally) spicy rice and mushroom chicken.

    My friends ordered tiramisu. I didn’t. (See also: this fucking blog.)

    “Oops, ooohh, sorry,” they said a little too gleefully, even though I assured them this:

    I like to watch.

    Oh yes I do – if I can’t be the one eating the dessert, I like to watch.

    But it was depressing.

    I wanted dessert.

    Dessert to me takes the edge off life.

    Without dessert…

    Life sucks.


    The Bitter, Miserable, Landlocked Swimming Piglet in the Var