• Day 41: What If I Was Lying?

    Date: 2010.04.09 | Category: Uncategorized | Tags:

    This morning, while in the kitchen all alone, I saw some chocolate chip cookies left over from last night.

    What if I just ate one – and didn’t cop to it?

    A few minutes later, Christophe brought in some croissants and, yes, pain au chocolat, no surprise one of my favorites.

    I had my coffee WITHOUT SUGAR, I might add, and some brown bread with almond butter.  It was… okay.  Sugar-free coffee? Ugh.

    Not long after breakfast, I walked into the dining room to get something.

    One of the pain au chocolats had been sliced in half, revealing the exact amount of dark chocolate and its lovely texture within.

    I could have popped it in my mouth without anyone seeing – or knowing.

    And I could have pretended it didn’t happen myself.

    I am MORE than capable of all of the above.

    However, I am not lying when I say I didn’t do any of the above. Though I feel I could have easily.

    I know, I know relapsing is more fun than just writing about how every day I managed to avoid sweets.

    But the reason I didn’t surreptiously jam some sweet stuff in my mouth on the sly this morning is…. I don’t trust myself.

    I’m all or nothing.  Moderation is not my middle name.

    Look at me.

    Do I look moderate?

    Or maybe I should ask…

    Do I look trustworthy?