• Day 41: Why I Love Patricia Heaton on “The Middle”

    Date: 2010.04.09 | Category: Celebrities | Tags:

    What do you do to relieve work-related stress when you live in France?

    Review the subjunctive?

    Re-read “Remembrance of Things Past,” in French of course?

    Tackle Céline’s Journey to the End of Night, in French of course?


    I download episodes of my new favorite TV show, “The Middle,” starring Patricia Heaton from “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

    I wouldn’t even know it existed except my Francophile friend Rick – Reeeeekkk – in San Francisco recommended it.  I think it’s still the first season.

    Anyway, Patricia Heaton rocks it hard as a frazzled mom of three living in flyover country.

    And how thrilled was I when during a recent episode about her vowing to stop yelling at her kids, the guy who plays her husband, Neil Flynn, said scornfully:

    “”I think it’s gonna be like when you quit sugar. One day later I find you on the bathroom floor sucking frosting out of the tube.”

    Sure enough, we see a quick shot of Heaton surreptitiously sucking down some serious-looking frosting when no one is looking.

    How well we understand – and sympathize – with our fictional friends.

    Where’s MY frosting?